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Being registered as an international youth organization/network and acting like an umbrella organization for the Armenian youth organizations, groups, educational and cultural structures around the world, WostAYN provides an opportunity for Diaspora’s young people aged 18 to become a representative of WostAYN in their countries. Based on application, representative’s appointment confirms during the Board meeting, four times a year.

WostAYN representatives get opportunities to:

– be involved in WostAYN Pan-Armenian youth network and collaborate with other Armenian organizations’ representatives,

– participate in Pan-Armenian educational and cultural programs, campaigns, conferences, summer schools, forums, seminars, festivals and other initiatives,

-acquire partners and relevant knowledge and skills that can be applied to the development and management of projects, funding opportunities, modern methods of communication and protecting the rights and interests etc,

– to put forward their own initiatives and make it audible on PanArmenian and international levels,  to influence on decision-making processes at different levels through joint efforts,

– widely cover their activities by the Armenian media, WostAYN Web site and social networks,

– get hot news from WostAYN web and network’s member organizations, get useful information on the different countries’ youth, educational and cultural programs, their participation possibilities.

Rights and responsibilities of WostAYN representatives:

WostAYN representative has the right to:

a) present WostAYN in their residence, in relations with other organizations,

b) participate in works of WostAYN Head and other Bodies,

c) present applications and proposals to the governing bodies,

d) get comprehensive information about WostAYN activities,

e) participate in events and projects organized by WostAYN.

WostAYN representative is responsible for:

a)   taking care of WostAYN’s autority,

b)  fulfilling its requirements,the decisions of the leading bodies.

For joining World Armenian Youth Network (WostAYN) and being WostAYN representative, please send the completed application, CV with photo to

For any questions feel free to call to +374 98 581891 or +374 77 105328 phone numbers or send e-mails to


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SECOND STOP FOR EFFECTIVE INCLUSION Handbook for Youth Workers dealing with newcomers

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