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Being registered as an international youth organization/network and acting like an umbrella organization for the Armenian youth organizations, groups, educational and cultural structures around the world, World Armenian Youth Network (WostAYN) strengthens Diaspora-Homeland tie, brings together the youth around the idea of national identity and national value, enhances the role of youth organizations and youngsters representing Diaspora in their communities, fosters the youth policy development and implementation in Homeland and Diaspora and youth employment.

The aim of the organization is to bring together youth organizations, associations and clubs for their abilities to contribute with the development of Armenia-Diaspora Relations, participatory and effective solution to the issue of preservation of national importance.

To become a WostAYN member you are required to submit a written  application  to the Department of WostAYN.

a/ the filled application form

b/ the copy of WostAYN membership decision from the organization head

c/ the charter copy /translated in one of WostAYN working languages: Armenian, English, Russian/

d/ the copy to WostAYN council representative appointment decision from the organization head, the representative’s contact information

The WostAYN Office makes a decision on the admission of a new member organization during one of its regular meetings, four times a year. Meanwhile, the applicant is taken as a WostAYN candidate member and benefits from all the rights, except for the one of electing or being elected as a governing body.

Member organizations of WostAYN are given a chance to

* be involved in WostAYN’s Pan-Armenian youth net and cooperate with worldwide Armenian youth organizations .

* take part in Pan-Armenian educational and cultural programs, campaigns, conferences, summer schools, forums, seminars, festivals and other initiatives

* acquire new partners and relevant knowledge and skills ,which may relate to the development and management of projects, funding opportunities, modern methods of communication, and protecting the rights and interests of others

* pose own initiatives and make them heard in the  international and Pan-Armenian stage

* with joint efforts impact of processes of decision-making in different levels and stages

* widely illustrate self activities in the Armenian media , in official web page of WostAYN and in other Internet sites

* receive recent news from WostAYN and net member organizations , useful information about youth, educational and cultural programs, their opportunities for participation from various countries.

Rights and responsibilities of Wostayn-member organisations:

The representitive of WostAYN-member organisation has the right to

a)    choose and be choosen in leading and other bodies

b)    present suggestions and applications to leading bodies

c)    get enogh information about WostAYN’s functions

d)    participate in the events and projects coordinated by WostAYN

WostAYN’s member is responsible for

a)    taking care of Wostayn’s autority,

b)    fulfilling organization’s requirements, the decisions of the leading bodies

c)    pay entrance fee and membership fee (1000 AMD per month). The way of payment will be dicided by the department.

To join Wostayn’s PanArmenian network, the representative of the organization need to send above listed documents (a/ the filled application form, b/ the copy of WostAYN membership decision from the organization head, c/ the charter copy /translated in one of WostAYN working languages: Armenian, English, Russian/, d/ the copy to WostAYN council representative appointment) to

For any questions feel free to call to +374 98 581891 or +374 10 588768 phone numbers or send e-mails to


WostAYN Secretariat


SECOND STOP FOR EFFECTIVE INCLUSION Handbook for Youth Workers dealing with newcomers

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