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The Second Pan-Armenian Forum for Leaders and Representatives of Armenian Youth Organizations

On November 27, the RA Ministry of Diaspora, the Union of Armenians of Russia, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the “Imast” (Meaning) Youth Association of Nizhni Novgorod launched the 2nd Forum for Leaders and Representatives of Armenian Youth Organizations of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora, which is entitled “Future”. Forum aimed to identify and consolidate the […]

Declaration of the participants of the 2nd “Future” Pan-Armenian Youth Forum

We, the participants of the Second Forum of Youth of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora entitled “Future”, emphasizing the importance and constructive nature of the forum, record that 1. The Armenian youth organizations of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora play a major role in the preservation of the Armenian identity, language, culture and national traditions, the […]

Swearing-in ceremony of the 23-rd group of the U.S. Peace Corps

The Swearing-in ceremony of the U.S. Peace Corps volunteers’ new group took place on 12 November 2015. 39 volunteers made a solemn oath to use their professional skills to serve for the benefit of the Armenian nation. The Peace Corp volunteers will depart to communities across Armenia to serve for two years as English Teachers […]

Participants of the International Youth Project Paid a Tribute to the Victims of Armenian Genocid...

WostAYN representative Artiom Mikhailev raised awareness about the Armenian Genocide by holding the initiative during the International Educational Program “Mind your language”. On regard of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, WostAYN representative Artyom Mikhalev shared detailed information on the bloody days of Armenian Genocide among the young leaders coming from […]

WostAYN was presented in “Mind Your Language” International Program

WostAYN representative Artyom Mikhailev took part in the International Educational Program “Mind your language” introducing Armenia on April 19-26, 2015 in Budapest. The aim of this seven-day long educational program was to reveal the language problems of the European minorities and to try to find solutions for their preservation. The number of the participants was […]

“Hand-to-Hand for Darbnik”. WostAYN joined the charity initiative of the RA Ministry of Diaspora

Responding to the call of the RA Ministry of Diaspora (“Give a Happy New Year”), the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA), which is Armenia’s largest youth organization, held the “Hand-to-Hand for Darbnik” charity initiative through which the needy, refugee and repatriate families (Iraqi-Armenian and Syrian-Armenian families) living in the Darbnik village of Ararat […]

A reunion-meeting of the NGOs involved in the development of Armenia-Diaspora partnership

Ministry of Diaspora held a reunion-meeting of the non-governmental organizations involved in the development of Armenia-Diaspora partnership on December 17, 2014. Participants of the reunion-meeting were the heads of the structural subdivisions of the Ministry of Diaspora, representatives of the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), Armenian Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation of the World Council […]

Armenian youth came togather to resist the challenges of 21st century

As were ported,last week by the Ministryof Diaspora of the city of  Rostov-on-Don was organized by the CIS heads of state sand representatives of they out organizations first conference.The delegation included the Deputy Minister of Diaspora Vahe Jilavyan, Stepan Petrosyan, heads of department Atom Mkhitaryan and A.Arshakyan.Participated by more than 100 young people in different […]

SECOND STOP FOR EFFECTIVE INCLUSION Handbook for Youth Workers dealing with newcomers

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