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Who we are: World Armenian Youth Network (WostAYN) is an international  organization founded in 2006 in Armenia.

WostAYN is an umbrella organization which unites 28 worldwide Armenian youth organizations from Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

The activities of the Organization are based on the following principles: legality, voluntarism, equality of rights, self-governance and publicity.

WostAYN targets the activities at developing and strengthening Armenia-Diaspora youth partnership, supporting the Armenian communities in Diaspora and contributing to their cooperation with other national minorities. WostAYN advocates the benefits of open youth work by holding local and international joint trainings, study sessions, youth exchanges, promoting the equal rights and opportunities among young people.


The aim of Wostayn is to foster the unity of Armenian Youth worldwide and to strive to ensure their participation in their national communities and fulfilment of the aspirations of the Armenian Diaspora, its continuity, and the development of its religious, spiritual, cultural and social heritage.
To that end, it seeks:

  • To unite Armenian youth worldwide.
  • To promote and strengthen the ties of Armenian youth with the State of Armenia and Diaspora by combining and maximizing resources of the participating organizations and their members.
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between its members, create new networks, share good practices, and coordinate international activities and projects.
  • To encourage the formation of new Armenian student and youth organizations wherever there are Armenians.
  • To educate Armenian youth about the Armenian heritage, history and traditions and to secure the formation of Armenian young generation aware of Armenian identity and fight for continuity of this identity.
  • To fight for the rights, status, and interests of Armenians and Armenian communities and to defend them wherever they are; to fight against racism, xenophobia, genocide denial and other forms of discrimination.
  • To support the empowerment of cooperation and reinforcement within Motherland and Diaspora.
  • To contribute to youth participation’s activating in the solution process of Armenia and other Armenian identity related issues.
  • To unite Armenian youth over such concepts as liberty, democracy and agitate on solidarity and peace.
  • Contribute to the active citizenship, youth work development and help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.
  • Empower youth inclusion into their own community life, participation, integration, citizenship, and encourage voluntary work.
  • Facilitate and support cooperation between member organisations and other youth organisations.
  • Participate in development and realization of national and international youth projects.


Non-governmental youth, student, educational or cultural organizations whose aims are compatible with those of the Wostayn shall be entitled to become a member organizations of Wostayn.
In order to qualify as a member organization, the organization must be wholly independent and democratic and has established a constitutional framework consistent with the Aims of the Wostayn.

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