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Umbrella, the Georgian Member Organization of WostAYN, is running a new project

Umbrella will start to run a new pilot project funded by European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

The project considers the training course for development of skills and competencies in running democratic activities at the local level for youth workers and young leaders with fewer opportunities. Thus, empowering them to activate youth and run activities after the project (TC) ends.

d1450a2ed14552ed8e989d8f6d6cd95f_XLWith the help of non-formal education methodology, the participants will be trained on how to organise and run the activities aiming to motivate and educate young people from their area about active citizenship and participation in socio-economic and political life at the local level by promoting European values, human rights and active participation that is shaped revised charter. The training methodology and modules are carried out based on «Have your say» manual. Games, simulations and other non-formal education elements are used as a tool for achieving goals of the project.

Five days of the intensive training course will give participants the basic knowledge about the democracy, the importance of being active and the ability to make changes at their local community via democratic processes and develop organisational and project management skills.

The project will bring together a group of 20 youth workers and leaders from various remote areas or people that are working there, with the aim to establish a team of change makers. At the end of the project participants with help of competent trainers will work out a concrete action plan on several important topics of active citizenship, as a tool for the future work at their local level.

The priority will be given to the applicants that are from the groups with the fewer opportunities, from the remote parts of the country and are in a disadvantaged position. Such groups are – ethnic minorities, migrants (IDP), eco-migrants and young people living in the mountainous and remote rural regions etc.

Who is Umbrella

Umbrella” is a multi-profile non-governmental youth organization based on liberal and16300434_1017818935015769_9063325909972283189_o democratic values, with the mission to promote the establishment of a modern, healthy, tolerant, inclusive and educated society. In order to meet this task, the association has been implementing the educational and youth development programs.

The main priority of the organization is to support the issues related to youth (from 14-35 age) in Georgia. The objectives of the organization are to support the young people’s physical, spiritual and educational development and to create educational initiatives developing young people’s competence in the field of civil society, environment, human rights and peace-building and to promote intercultural relations in Georgian society.

Although Umbrella has a history of one year and a half, we have done pretty much for this small period of time. Our members have participated in various national and international youth events, we have run several projects at the local level and became a partner in European project with our international partner youth organisation. We become an associated member of Youth Environment Europe (YEE) network and run informational and educational campaigns.

To better serve the target groups recently we assessed the needs of those groups and developed program and action plan for 2018 which includes human rights and active citizenship, environmental educational campaigns, gender issues and cultural diversity.

Over the last year, the Umbrella has participated in a variety of activities that have helped young people experience learning mobility in Europe and beyond, and helped them develop interpersonal skills (among others) that have improved their employment prospects in the global marketplace.

Our members have been very active with the European Union projects, and been participated in many international activities through Youth in Action, and more through Erasmus+ after it took YiA’s place.  We have team member who have an experience of team leading in Youth Exchange projects.

Recently we have been researching for possibilities of using electronic means in youth work and currently are testing some approaches for development a new tools.  To achieve the aim we have applied for two projects on the topic of e-participation of youth in this year.

The organization has already implemented its first activity (training) on Human Rights Education, Youth Participation and Conflict Prevention & Peace-building (find more details at our Facebook page)

The projects we have implemented by Umbrella:

  • Peace building and intercultural learning – “Belated friendship”
  • Democratic engagement and human rights – “Village Forum”
  • Environmental informational online/offline campaign -”Do not burn the leaf”

WostAYN Secretariat wishes good luck to Umbrella in the successful implementation of this project.

SECOND STOP FOR EFFECTIVE INCLUSION Handbook for Youth Workers dealing with newcomers

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